Story of Nisa Anwaar; The Founder of and Leading Food Blogger

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These are the days when women are leading the startups being the founder and making it to heights is their aim. Under this story, we are covering a passionate startup founder Nisa Anwaar who is doing a great job within the field. Having a chance to interact with her was amazing as she describes about her journey in this incredible way!

Nisa sharing her story with DigitalDips:

I don’t have an emotional sad or tragic story from my life to share with everybody but I do have passion to never stop working for my own dream. And this is what keeps me striving to have something of my own. I am a software engineer by profession, a food blogger and founder of (Interesting name eh? )

A blog might not be a definition of business for lots of people and definitely doesn’t return like other businesses do but it’s just a start and ottutu will be many more things in future inshaAllah. It has been almost a year since ottutu has been founded and this name has attracted a good number of its potential audience on website. Over the span of last year, Ottutu got the honor of standing out first among all participant companies in a Social Media Growth competition organized by Herself in partnership with facebook.

Ottutu wasn’t my first try and I can proudly tell everybody that I started with an idea 3 years back which  was perfect, new, and got amazing response but it failed after some time. Why proud? Because that failure and every other setback I faced taught me things nothing ever could.

The biggest difficulty I faced during this period is finding somebody who shares the same passion, same commitment and same determination towards your brand like you do. Finding a good and reliable team is a challenge I am trying to overcome right now. Not a lot of people will take you seriously seeing you are a girl trying to run something, but then there are a lot of people always motivating you to keep trying.

Maybe this isn’t one of the most inspiring stories you would read today but having big dreams, passion to work for yourself only and having a family to support isn’t the easiest thing to do. What I have learnt from my life so far is to always keep trying, never quit and to always start doing rather than thinking. I hope reading this helps everybody struggling out there like me.

So that was about Nisa and her startup story, you can reach her via

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