Achayi Barhne Do by Blue Band; A Determined, Effective and Heart-Touching TVC

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Apparently it is an era where every other alternate day,  a brand come with their advertising as by means of depiction of purely brand features or portraying some social message integrated with brand’s tagline. Disability is one of the significant aspects in our society that often gets derelict and evaded by the people.

However, there are different brand which caters the Corporate Social Responsibility as a core concept in their advertising so is the Blue Band’s latest TVC is one of them. It is so obvious that Unilever is the organization best known for its novel and intriguing concept to present their wide products portfolio. This time, they come up with a heart melting Blue band’s TVC that is being appreciated widely and is ahead in leaving users in goose bumps.

The latest Blue Band’ ad is simple that is featuring kids while highlighting the nutritional aspect of the product (Blue Band).Thoroughly; the video seems as well developed delivering the message really well.

Blue Band Ad: Achayi Barhne Do

Coming to the scenes of respective blue band’s TVC, it starts off with a kid who is doing all things with one hand and it seems quite strange to his mother. This makes her quite worried and doubtful. Obviously mothers are really keen to watch their children’s activity either in home or outside. However, the next scene depicts the kids playing together with one hand making mother and the audience curious for the reason behind this act.

The third scene delivers the core concept of the ad when a disabled kid enters. This leads to answer all the questions to everyone as they all were playing with one hand to have an active fair play. All the kids invite him to play with them showing an affectionate bond overall. It clearly showed the enjoyment they had with each other without having any difference in between them.

Purposeful Storytelling with Implication of Human values

Mostly our society focuses on showing sympathy to physically or mentally challenged people but this advertisement is manifestly presented with a concept to be empathetic to all special people around. None of the person likes to be called as disabled so need is to take care of them by having a fair treatment overall.

Through this TVC, Blue band has created a wave with purposeful message with crisp content and direction and that is too in around a minute video. Moreover, with highlighting the nutritional aspect of Blue Band, it emphasizes on the tagline of Achayi Barhne Do (keep spreading goodness) by inducing parents to brought up their children with better character development despite of any limit or set of boundaries while Blue band is having all the elements taking care of their children’s health. Overall, it seems a brilliant conception that is drawing attention to significance of human values, integrity and collaboration regardless of any circumstances.

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