Jahangir Siddiqui: A Fairy-Tale Wonderment of Pakistan’s Business History

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Born in Hyderabad, raised in Pakistan; Jahangir Siddiqui entered the arena of corporate dealings at the tender age of 14. Surprised and exited to witness various forms of business dealings in a young country, Jahangir was determined to leave behind a legacy for the future of Pakistan’s education system.

In the beginning, Jahangir Siddiqui used to regularly spend time at a friend’s shop after Maghreb prayers. Apparently he was fascinated by the money making schemes of the Cola industry and was somehow interested to experiment his intellectual gains at the highest level. In a few months’ time, Jahangir came up with a brave investment of 6000 rupees and begun his career in business by setting up a small café in his father’s garage. Luckily the café was near to the infamous Firdaus Cinema; hence a common public appearance was heavily expected to appear at the café’s threshold.

In order to make last the plethora of young-age temperament, Jahangir sold his father’s car to fuel the up-and-running business; astonishingly, his father laughed off the gesture and quite fascinatingly gave some more money to the lad just for the sake of learning various aspects of business. The little investment paid off, because after two years Jahangir bought a Fiat 600 for his father. He was doing so well that the time for proper education had already swayed into the dusty abyss of nothingness. Nonetheless, success was in sight. In no less than a year, Jahangir Siddiqui bought shares in Adamjee Sugar Mills and Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills, from the money that he had so tirelessly made from the café business. Little did he know that the venture would yield him revenue in the region of 200,000 rupees!

Fast tracking into the future, foundering new companies was no longer the natural trait of Jahangir Siddiqui. He later found the JS Group, which later turned into one of the biggest banking firms in Pakistan’s history. JS Group has since grown past its roots of inception into one of the controlling financial services in Pakistan. They now deal with market-leading companies in the asset management, investment banking, security, commercial banking, insurance and trade finance.
JS Group has fought countless times in the big game and at present owns and manages major financial services businesses in Pakistan; they also own a diversified portfolio of investments known as Global Investment House. The Investment office is located in Kuwait. Given the diversified landscape familiarities of JS Group throughout Pakistan’s 152-city demographic, the company is responsible for introducing and popularizing the viable usage of equity research in the Pakistan market system. From a few tens in the past to a magnanimous 18000 employees at present, the JS Group has successfully landed its name in the history books by becoming one of the fastest growing banking networks across the Asiatic demographic.

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