mobile application; A brilliant means of Property Searches (A Review)

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Since forth by the initiation,, the leading property portal of Pakistan is aiming to serve its people all around without having to face Hodge-podge for getting their property state of affairs done in time.

So how, undoubtedly, one of the best source to resolve property related problems introduced by this portal is mobile application.

Back a year; unveiled a mobile version of their portal intended to ease all the users and agents while on the go. So let us take look at its all features!


With clean and chic interface, application is built to give a user friendly access to all who want to get done their property searches with a click. Whole design of this application is interactive with visible color combinations of searches and bars on the left side


Navigation application is designed in a way that it will be exceedingly handy for a country where mobile tele-density is on the rise. Carrying different options in left bar that includes buy/rent, type of property, city, location, price, beds and area, it facilitates users to tap up on any of the aspect and enter to the desired critic.


Just after mentioning any of the above criteria, user will be directed towards relevant searches on screen. While for convenience there are also instant search options available at the bottom of screen that portrays searches according to their popularity, publishing date, square fits and pricings.



The app is user friendly and gives the members excellent functionality in terms of searching properties. The mobile site allows users to search properties by city, type, price or area. Just after entering the app, users can directly search out the property by entering their criteria of locations, size as well as can log into their accounts too and add whichever property they like to their ‘Favourites’ list or can go to Home page to find out last search, saved search or new search.


However, once after getting desired result, user can directly contact the person by hit up on call button. So this is a handy way to bookmark and revisit a listing of choice to come up later on with same property “advertisement page”.


This application can be downloaded by Android store by clicking here or by heading towards Apple store here


With this app, has successfully expanded its realm stretching their portal’s availability to every single person carrying an internet enabled handheld device in the country.

Seeing overall features embedded under this app, it would be avid to say that it is a comprehensive app with the bunch of easier navigation features giving property advertisements as per users’ requirements. If one wants to find a perfect fit of property selling, buying or even rent aspect, is an idyllic and pertinent choice to go up with!



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