Pink Ribbon’s New Initiative on Breast Cancer Awareness

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Pakistan has the highest incidence rate of breast cancer in Asia. Alarmingly, the survival rates are very low. This is mostly because the majority of the women reach the hospital at stage 3 and 4, when it’s too late. Most women from the lower socio-economic group lack even basic awareness as well.

Cultural taboos hinder breast cancer awareness, especially amongst the lower socio-economic group. They do not like to speak about their breasts in public and certainly not in the presence of others. We need to speak to them in privacy.

Pink Ribbon Campaign (PRC), a breast cancer awareness initiative, in an attempt to reduce incidence of this fatal disease and reduce mortality rate, which is presently 40,000 women per year, has developed the Pink Bra. It not only teaches the women to self-examine but also explains each step of the self-examination in detail via illustrations inside the cups of the bra, thereby giving an opportunity for these women to learn about self-examination in utmost privacy.

The project has received an astounding response. The social media campaign has received over 50k views within the first day of the launch. Celebrities, activists and actors have promised to join the cause and spread awareness through their social media channels.

A simple idea can save lives. We need business to join the #giveapinkbra movement as their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative and help PRC distribute this product to reach as many people as possible. Please let those who are managing the Pink Ribbon Campaign know your thoughts about the project and they would be really happy if you join them in this project.

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