Snapchat Is Adding Three New Publishers But With Old Ones

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So now, Snapchat is adding up new publishing partners to its Discover section  hinting by rumors for a month but there’s an interesting new curl that the company isn’t firing any existing publishers to create space. So, it can be said as the group is plainly getting towards bigger makeup.


In this regard, Snapchat will add three publishers to the app on Thursday, including Mashable, gaming publication IGN and food and travel network Tastemade. This move is intended to expand Snapchat’s Discover section to 15 channels, and there are even more publishers anticipated to connect later in September, according to a source.

The main reason for expanding the Discover roster makes logic for Snapchat’s revenue. Snapchat and its publishing partners have been selling ad space along the side content since by initiation in January. Simply put, the more channels Snapchat has offered, the more stuff it has to monetize.

However, Snapchat has also come up with discover the content stuff on the page within the app a few weeks back to create it s convenient to find, and the majority of Discover traffic now comes from that screen, according to a source familiar with the feature. In that design, you can scroll left to right flanked by channels, so adding new associates won’t be much of a problem.


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