PEPSICO Hosts Sting Challenge Meet and Greet With Renowned Boxer Amir Khan

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PepsiCo Pakistan’s leading energy drink brand Sting hosted an exclusive “Sting Challenge Meet and Greet” with renowned boxing champion Amir Khan in Lahore on Sunday, August 2nd.  Sting Challenge is a social media driven initiative whereby the youth of Pakistan is presenting a series of physical challenges to Amir Khan.

 PepsiCoAmir Khan, accepted round one of Sting Challenge and flew in to Lahore to meet fans and members of the media community. He engaged in live one on one boxing rounds with fans teaching them the art of boxing. He also showed his boxing moves to inspire the youth towards channelizing their energy productively in sports.

Powered by Sting, Amir Khan said: “Pakistan is my home country and we have a lot of talent here. I want to ensure that the youth have facilities and opportunities to become international champions.  I want to thank Sting for providing a platform to meet, coach and engage with the youth of Pakistan through friendly boxing rounds. Stay tuned on social media to find out what’s next for round two and three of the Sting Challenge.”

Speaking at the occasion Salman Butt, Marketing Head for PepsiCo Pakistan & Afghanistan said: “We are thrilled to host Amir Khan in Pakistan for the Sting Challenge. Sting is a brand for the youth and provides energy boost. Amir Khan is a youth icon championing the energy and vitality Sting provides. He is an inspiration for those who fight challenges and live up to their dreams. ”

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