Huawei appears on global Interbrand 100 rankings, while other tech-firms dominate the top-ten list.

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Emerging as one of the strongest telecom brands in the world – Huawei has been recognized on various global platforms, for introducing several pioneering technologies to enrich the telecom industry.

Interbrand – One of the most credible global ranking firms, has its eyes on Huawei now, as this largest Chinese smart-device manufacturer is showing ample qualifications to be clubbed-together with the planets biggest telecom brands like; Apple, Google and Samsung.

According to the latest rankings and brand-evaluations released by Interbrand; ApplHuawei_Logoe and Google continue to reign supreme as the most valuable brands in the world, valued at over 100 million Dollars each. The brand analysis reflects each brand’s financial performance and its role in empowering the company to make profits, enabling product sales at premium prices and influencing the shoppers’ decision.

The ingenious producer of the iPhone had clinched the top spot from Coca-Cola, last year. Google also appears steady on the second spot in the Interbrand ranking. Out of the top ten global brands, six names happen to be technology leaders, with IBM enjoying the fourth position, Microsoft occupying the fifth position and the sixth spot claimed by Samsung. Moreover, other notable tech-firms, declared as “Top-Risers” by Interbrand were; Amazon – winning the 15th position and Facebook – acquiring the 29th spot.

As a fresh entrant in the Top-100 list, Huawei is now on the 94th position, as the first company originating from China, to enter the prestigious Interbrand 100 rankings. According to Interbrand’s reviews, Huawei is appreciated by shoppers as a low-priced range of Android-based smartphones. It is worth mentioning here that Huawei has excelled Nokia in the top 100 rankings, as Nokia appears at the 98th position.

Interbrand’s experts have further stated that; “The company (Huawei) is working to change its image in the mobile handset market from that of the low-cost alternative to one of a more premium brand.”

A renowned analyst at IDC – Mr. Francisco Jeronimo stated that; Huawei has been “recognized” by consumers as a strong brand that provides affordable products but with quality, which was not the case a few years ago, when we tended to associate Chinese brands with low price and low quality.”

Huawei’s handsets are thus delivering experiences that are comparable to many devices from top brands. Many innovative specs and delightful experiences are now available in the Huawei devices at a much lower price, when compared to the more expensive rivals.

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