Truecaller Looks to Solve the Frustration of Unknown Numbers

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Truecaller, a leading search technology company that is transforming the phonebook to make it more intelligent and useful, is stepping up its consumer focus in Pakistan. Aligned with the rapid adoption of smartphones in emerging markets, Pakistan is also witnessing a significant uptake of smartphones. Users now have an opportunity to identify the person who is calling them with Truecaller on their smartphones, coupled with the new features and functionalities, the app is set to transform the way a consumer makes or takes a phone call. The app has already registered more than 3000 spam calls in the country – including unwanted calls, scam calls, etc.


“Truecaller is an app that is relevant for anyone who owns a smartphone. People across the globe have been faced with issues regarding spam calls, and Truecaller has been successful in solving this issue for millions of people worldwide. Going forward, our ambition is to solve this problem in Pakistan, and provide people with an empowering tool,” said Kari Krishnamurthy, Vice President of Growth and Partnership for Asia, Middle East and Africa for Truecaller.

Recently, the Truecaller app has been fully redesigned to provide easier discovery and simpler navigation, and rebuilt to make it much lighter in terms memory consumption. The new Truecaller includes the following new features:

  • Caller ID: Truecaller is the first caller identification app to lead the way with bringing a fully functional and global caller ID to identify numbers not already in your phone book. The user will be able to know exactly who the caller is, thereby allowing the user to “take the right call”. With a global database of over a billion numbers, you are sure to identify the correct number even if it is not in your phonebook.
  • Call/Spam Blocking: By using Truecaller you can avoid annoying spam calls from different companies or strange numbers. Truecaller let’s you block unwanted calls through a community based spam list, where users helps report unwanted/spam/scam calls all over the world. It also notifies you of spam numbers from known spam-sources.
  • Number and Name Lookup: Truecaller users have to simply type in the number (country will be set to default, +92 for Pakistan), and then either copy and paste the number from a missed call, or manually type it into the Search bar. If Truecaller finds a match, the user will be able to view the information they have provided. Users can also lookup a name, and send a ‘contact request’ for approval from the number owner to see further contact details.

Truecaller is available for free across all major mobile platforms; Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian s60 and Series 40.

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