Exclusive talk with emerging freelancer of northern Pakistan

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Undoubtedly, Pakistan is land of gems comprised of talented youth that aims to get their held high internationally. So, from one of those shining galaxies, eighteen-year-old Sanita is a star that is getting in competition overall.


To start off, Sanita lives in a remote region in the north of Pakistan. She successfully got a two-month IT training course by GIZ that facilitated her to get the education she needed for a job with good future projections. On part of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), GIZ is supporting Pakistan in improving its vocational training sector.

So, in order to know more about brilliant personality of Sanita, we came up with interview to get know about her life.Here are series of questions as asked by her:

  • In which field do you want to go when you grew up?
    On a node, I wanted to become a doctor to help the people in my village who don’t have proper access to medical facilities in near areas. Though, my father was always concerned about my education encouraging studying with hard work, that is the reason that makes me motivated to go ahead.
  • Do you think that an IT qualification is an odd professional lane for a young woman in Pakistan?
    However, it’s general practice for women to do housework or work in the textile sector. But I wanted to make an effort for something else so, I grabbed towards vocational training program that offered courses in information and communications technology. Wholly, it was completely new field for me that would enable me to earn more money, too. As, I have to bear my younger brother as well as to pay for my studies myself, I was determined to go for a short-term training course.
  • What does the training course entails?
    In training lasted for two months, I have learned how to digitalize books in practical way as well as I have studied marketing. Within training prospect, now I can use the internet and social media with several various online platforms which enabled me to win more customers. Gladly, this training has made me enabled me work with number of multinational companies and get remunerated in dollars.
  • What was the prevalent change came in your life?
    I belong to a remote area so that is the biggest change concerns in my freelancing work. Due to much snow in entire winter, we are cut off from the outside world throughout the village. But now with my laptop and the internet, I am connected not only to the remaining parts of Pakistan but with the whole world and can yet earning money in the procedure leading me to get a position in freelancers’ industry.
  • Are you getting enough remuneration?
    Yes, with all my hard work, I am happy to have sufficient money for myself and my brother so that we are able to continue our studies leading to a sense of satisfaction making me feel proud and obliged.Thus this is the story of one of our emerging freelancer who is successfully managing her family while continuing her studies.How do you find this story, let us know in the comment box!

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