The 10 Best Places for Making Career Abroad

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Everyone has an ambition to enhance their career by working abroad as to intensify their career to acquire new skills, career progression, job security and better earnings while looking beyond the horizon and to attain new heights.

Singapore enables expats to prosper their careers and it has been named as the top country, according to HSBC’s annual Expat Explorer survey.

The survey ranks the best places to go based on experience, economics, and raising children abroad, with subcategories for each group.These countries hold an attraction for businesses due to large consumer populations, good supply of resources and established presences in the global marketplace. These factors make them the most frequently selected locations for global assignments.

Let us take a look at their ranks with some prominent features.

10. Singapore


Singapore has a highly developed market-based economy and relies heavily on exports, refining imported goods and manufacturing.As one of the world’s leading financial centers and ports, Singapore is doing big business overall. So much, in fact, it tops the list of “most millionaires in the world.” That means that businesses are expanding on wider scales leading to bunch of job opportunities through out the fields.

9. New Zealand


New Zealand ranks the 2nd in terms of a good work-life balance, high standard of living with friendly locals, safe environment with low crime rate to raise a family and some of the most beautiful land spaces on the planet.

8. Sweden


Expats in Sweden consider their personal happiness to have increased since moving there.Benefits for expats include workers have strong rights, equality,generous welfare system, family can get residence permits, and innovation is highly valued. These values have boosted the career opportunities throughout the scale craving to give more professionals.

7. Bahrain


Unlike other countries in the Persian Gulf, Bahrain does not rely upon oil. The country is instead heavily invested in the banking and tourism sectors, which makes it a great destination for expats looking to integrate into the culture. Thus, flocks of people from Asia and other continents are moving towards Bahrain for making their career flourish to a greater extent.

“The locals respect and accept expats in a very friendly way,” an expat told HSBC.

6. Germany


Germany is the fifth-best place in the world for expats to raise kids. The country also benefits from a stronger economy than that of most of the world, with 87% of expats expressing satisfaction with the local economy compared with a global average of 62%.

It is also considered an extremely safe place to live with a very stable political system and low crime. Eighty percent say Germany is safer than their home country.

5. Canada


Canada is a great destination for expats who want to be integrated into their new culture. This country is simply known to be a multicultural that incorporates different sects and religion within it. Housing, quality of life, and the environment get as higher ranked aspects.

“Canada is a culturally diverse country. Be open, accepting, and tolerant of others but retain your individuality,” one expat tells HSBC.

4. Australia


Australia ranks seventh in the list, with 4 percent of global employers choosing to send international assignees to this down under location.  Four-fifths of expats find it easy to get used to “Aussie” culture and feel at home down under.

3. Taiwan


HSBC sums it up succinctly: “A thriving healthcare system, affordable lifestyle, and lively local culture make Taiwan a fantastic option for expats.”

Taiwan stands out for how well expats integrate into local life and how much they enjoy the local culture, including celebrations such as Lunar New Year and the Ghost Festival. Food is a big benefit, too. Eighty-five percent of expats like the local food, and the country is famous for its night markets with numerous local specialties that also open up gates for bunch of opportunities for all.

2. United Arab Emirates


This affluent nation is, not startlingly, famous for its high-paying jobs. While it is a popular destination for mostly young expats, the UAE is a conservative country with strict codes of public conduct. This combined with a rather difficult language makes it hard for some people to integrate.

1. Switzerland


Prime skiing locations and a relaxed lifestyle make Switzerland an attractive choice. Strengths of Switzerland are low taxes, extremely high quality of life and even as a foreigner, you can go to college for next to nothing. For the foreigners, Switzerland seems to be bliss for working conditions as Swiss employees benefit from some of the highest salaries across the world. However, this country has faced widespread job losses during the early 1990s but fortunately unemployment is still the lowest in Europe.

This article initially featured on Telegraph

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