Mavenstack Application; A Reaffirmed Connection between Student and Alumni

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Among gleaming of startups at Plan9 incubator, there is a startup working on software development driven by a group of engineers and developers of NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi. These creative individuals are aimed to help out the community with the provision of software solutions .In this niche, their first product “MavenStack” is all set to get launched on android interface.

To start off, MavenStack is Pakistan’s first student-alumni networking mobile application that is meant to build a stable connection between students and alumni so that both parties could be facilitated.

The aim to create this application is to remove hassles in connection of academia (alumini and student) together that was previously not convenient and effective. However, this app has been given a slogan of “stay connected for better future” that is all representing to have academic and career solutions in your hand with the experts either in terms of specific query or counseling.

It is quite apparent that after completing degree requirements and kicking of career, students lose their contacts with their institutions and their alumni. So, in this regard, this app will cope up these gaps and creates a reliable channel for students’ guidance and advice given by those whom they look up to and trust.

In order to get recognition among students, MavenStack has been taken to different universities so that students and faculty could get familiar with it. In this regard, first, it has been to  NED University and  the response recorded was great. On impressive node, this startup has also been invited to the Summit Dublin, 2014 and was selected among the top 150 startups in the Pioneers Festival, 2014 in Vienna.

Here are some of the features of Mavenstack that get highlighted using the alpha version.

  1. This app needs to be sign up after which this app will build a community around you encompassing the people of your university.
  2. Under this app, users can manage their profiles including information related to their university, department, batch, current occupation, badges earned as well as other users’ rating of their answers to questions.
  3. It is a form of an enthusiastic university group where students and alumni can post queries, news and share information with their university colleagues.
  4. By answering questions, users will collect badges and further use them under their profiles.
  5. Concerning privacy, users can also send private messages and connect with their complete alumni upon signing up. However, the Connections tab facilitates users to scroll and filter their search according to the department and batch of their university.
  6. Further, this app also allows companies and universities to post job openings. So, users can apply for a job directly only by clicking the APPLY button with their uploaded CV.

So how, with all cool features, this app is ready to bring convenience for the students who look out for ways to get connected with their university people as and seeking guidance by professionals. So all the best Mavenstack Team!


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