Lamudi launches Scholarship Fund

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Lamudi has launched a scholarship fund to encourage and nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst Pakistani youth and to facilitate them to gain hands-on experience in the private corporate sector.


The Scholarship Program will sponsor one university student from a different university each semester, which will entail a scholarship worth Rs.25000 and an opportunity to “shadow” the Country Director, Saad Arshed, in the office for a full working day (9am-6pm), to get a glimpse into the post-graduate work environment in a global corporate company.

Saad Arshed, said: “I cannot emphasize enough on the role of education in developing an individual or a nation at large. Lamudi realizes the importance of this tool, especially in our country, which has a 59% literacy rate- amongst the lowest in the world.

Hence, we have launched this scholarship fund to help aspiring students make their dreams a reality and also give them a sneak peek into the real corporate life sector-to prepare them for their future endeavors.”

According to UNESCO’s 2009 Global Education Digest, only 6 percent of Pakistanis were university graduates as of 2007, with the Government’s plans to increase this figure to 10 percent by 2015. is playing its role to increase this figure and help deserving students who have access to lesser opportunities, fulfill their education dream.

However, in order to be eligible for this scholarship fund, students need to meet a certain criteria which requires a minimum GPA of 2.7/4 and a majors in economics, business, marketing or other related fields. For more information about this scholarship fund, visit:

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