RAAH Consultancy; Lending a Helping Hand to Find Employment Opportunities

RAAH Consultancy
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This is a tough time we all are going through due to novel COVID-19 especially the economies of countries across the world are declining at most. To cope up with this hurdle, RAAH consultancy has come ahead and helping the people who are facing hardship in earning bread and butter.

In this post, we are highlighting some of the aspects that RAAH Consultancy is doing.

RAAH Consultancy

“RAAH Consultancy is formed to help people in time and this is why they are engaged in the following areas:

  1. Finding jobs for unemployed people in different fields.
  2. Helping people to get and fulfill business dealings.
  3. To provide scholarship opportunities to needy students.
  4. Conducting professional training courses in different places.
  5. Provide employment opportunities to unskilled people by making them skilled.
  6. Encouraging and helping people grow their businesses.
  7. Helping people solve career and employment problems.

The greatest argument for the survival of any nation is considered to be that the hearts of its members are filled with the highest positive emotions for other human beings. Islam invites good to all who have power and undoubtedly, every human being can do good deeds according to his status. With this in mind, the existence of “Rah-e-Consultancy” has been established, which is practically based on the principle of “welfare of individuals”.

The Holy Qur’an also commands goodness and kindness to others. The Almighty says:

“Have mercy on the people of the earth …” The Lord of the Throne will have mercy on you. “

Since the beginning of this year, a dangerous epidemic “COVID-19” has gripped the world. As a result, economic and social affairs around the world are in decline. Our beloved Pakistan is also involved in this. Many people are suffering from unemployment, mistrust is rising in society, many skilled, educated, and professional people are confused due to unemployment.

“RAAH Consultancy” is a beacon for people in this difficult journey who provide needy and capable people to various businesses so that needy and professional people can get employment and become useful to society. So, if you are the one or knows someone who needs the help of RAAH Consultancy then contact them here for comprehensive guidance.

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