Cheetay Launching Its Operations In Karachi

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Cheetay is a last mile e-commerce platform that is officially launching its operations in Karachi. Having crossed the 3rd year mark in the business, they have established a concrete base in Lahore, Islamabad & Rawalpindi by delivering food from a multitude of restaurants and are now offering the best deals, including an introductory promo-code “KHI300” worth PKR300 for one time use in Karachi. Venturing into major cities like Karachi is their plan of action.

On track to becoming the go-to now commerce platform, a multi-city rollout with a broad local presence is their ultimate goal. After capturing a significant portion of Lahore & Islamabad’s market by creating a robust brand name that is synonymous with quality and timely delivery, launching in Karachi is the next step for them to gain national prominence.

“It was always my prerogative to have a multi-city role out and to be operational nationwide, predominantly in the metropolitan cities of Pakistan. It is essential to take the pragmatic route and not be impulsive in overstretching your reach no matter how ambitious your plans of growth and expansion may be. Therefore, we made sure to exceed customer expectations by providing a quality service that is not only technologically equipped with a multi-category capability but by optimizing the business model and then expanding geographically. It is an immensely exciting prospect to start our operations in Karachi because we aim to be an omnipresent e-commerce platform that provides the audience with whatever they want.” stated Ahmed Khan, CEO, Cheetay.

Given the increasing market demand and the opportunity to offer the best in class customer experience, the move to expand geographically was imminent. “This is an opportunity that we’ve been really looking forward to. Having established our base in Lahore & Islamabad by providing a seamless link between customers and vendors through our technology platform and ease of payments, the time is right to make the move,” stated Moeez Karim, Chief Logistics Officer, Cheetay.

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