Freelancer’s Community of Karachi Gathered for A Discussion Over the Common Freelancing Challenges

TECH Pakistan Meetup
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On Saturday, 23rd December 2017, TECH Pakistan held 3rd time in row the ‘003 TECH Meetup’ calling all freelancers in the town. Upwork top rated freelancer and wannabes freelancers from diversified field have gathered at IBL Building Centre. The event was graciously supported and sponsored by Spotcomm – Ideally Simplified and co-hosted with DevnCode and Upwork Community Karachi. The meetup was dedicated to recognize and support the rising community of Freelancers in Pakistan and encourage aspiring freelancers.

The evening was open with welcome remarks by Ms. Humaira Anwar; Development Strategist – TECH Pakistan. She explained the very purpose of the TECH Meetup by saying that, “We are delighted to welcome you all for 3rd time at TECH Meetup, calling freelancer in town. Our vision towards organizing TECH Meetups is to up bring the professional community of Karachi and build platforms of profession specific people to grow their potential.” Further, Mr. Zeeshan Rehman; Vice President – TECH Pakistan added saying; “As our meetups are specifically focussed over specific professionals this time we have decided to call up freelancers in town because, freelancing is the fastest growing industry in Pakistan. However, Pakistan ranks 4th most popular country for freelancing and according to a conservative figure contributes about 1 billion dollars. All this but without any systematic approach or support, consider if we would just been able to build a platform so we can achieve the No. 1 spot in the world.”

The meetup’s prominent highlight was the series of talks conducted by market leaders to answer some of the very common concerns of freelancers in the country. We have talked about; taxation & governance rules, local payment gateways and certification process for freelancers. The talks were led by Mr. Nadeem Yaseen; Head of Taxation at Nishter & Zafar Advocates and Abbas Karjatwala & Company, also the Principle Partner N. Yaseen & Co. Mr. Kanwal Masroor; Founder & President at TECH Pakistan and Mr. Hasham Niaz; Certified Microsoft Trainer and Upwork top rated freelancer. Adjoining the experts, top rated Upwork freelancers have shared their freelancing journey stories from scratch to success in order to motivate other freelancers; the stories includes Sidra Saleem and Saddam Hussain.

“I’m utterly impressed and excited to see such a diverse crowd of skilled individuals, in my opinion we the finance and business people should now be taking some advantage with such gigantic freelance workforce of Pakistan and events like TECH Meetup should go on like this so we are able to recognize the hidden talent of Pakistan”, Mr. Nadeem Yaseen said praising the event, further he added; “Every citizen of Pakistan should be obliged to pay the relevant tax over his/her income to play their important part in the economic development of country so do freelancers”.

Putting forward the conversation Mr. Kanwal Masroor have stated that, “TECH Pakistan is very much keen to develop local solutions for the freelancers in Pakistan to strengthen and bring progression into the community. We are building a program that delivers freelancing trainings and certifications to budding freelancers to equip them with required skills set and aid them in developing their careers and businesses in it. Not only this but we are also going to 16-C, Lane 1, Shahbaz Commercial, DHA Phase 6 bring global leaders of freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr in Pakistan so that we discuss our challenges on directly.” The talks were concluded with closing remarks of Mr. Hasham Niaz. 3rd TECH Freelancers Meetup is an event of its kind where important concerns and challenges of freelancers were highlighted and discussed, laying the building block of a support system for freelancers network.

The event was conducted at the IBL Building Centre a perfectly designed, managed and spacious spaces for such interactive learning sessions to be conducted.

TECH Pakistan is an organization that promotes technology advocacy, inclusivity and adaptation within the industries of Pakistan; as we all know that technology is our next stop! And 4th industrial revolution is on the verge to revolutionize the way we do business. We therefore, work towards harnessing the full potential of technology; by forming a ‘Hub’ that benefits every domain of industry and leverage technology to conduct developmental initiatives in Pakistan. TECH Meetups is one of such initiative that focuses on building thriving community of young and professional tech savvy and tech learners to promote technology adaptation at every level.

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