An Inclusive Review of Musical and Compelling FonePay TVC

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Undoubtedly this is an era of cut throat competition of brands either they belong to tech, FMCG or fashion related stuff. Every other day, there has been some innovation rolled out in gadgets as well as launch of apps get to create hype among all the tech-savvy users especially millennial. So how, their advertisements are filled with spree of excitements highlighting the product features wholly.

Continuing the point, recently we came across the advertisement of FonePay that is executed with thoughtful concepts explaining the whole points of this novel service. Just to describe, FonePay is Pakistan’s first payments super app powered by Masterpass. It is a rapid response (QR) mobile payments solution facilitating customers to make their payments instantly in a secure manner by combining a user’s bank accounts, mobile wallets and payment cards including debit, credit and prepaid products on one platform.

So to start off, this advertisement is based on musical plot amalgamated with catchy jingle of tagline “FonePay, FonePay sari dunya” while presenting delighted customers at different places who are rejoicing this payment service greatly.  Conveying the message of  world is getting shrink down to the screen of your phone, the ad is comprised of both English and Urdu script leading it to the  most humming tone which viewers keep and recall in their minds for long.

First scene depicts the boy who is enjoying music via head phones while this ad later depicts the people in the mall including household women having her payment done for handpicked items through pass code instantly. Having a joyful dance factor with melodic calling actions, it is intriguingly explaining in a musical way that now all payments can be done via your phone just by scanning the QR code.

Irrespective of the place, either you are at cinema for grabbing of tickets, want to book tickets for bus or require paying bill at a restaurant, now there is no need to wait in longer queues across the roads or on any billing counters.

This advertisement closes with the description of a process as one can simply download the app and register with it that will direct them to link all accounts and get done with secure digital payments across the board. Further, the end line of the ad emphasizes that now life is solely operational on phone.

So, in few words, it could be said that this is soft, musical and entertaining piece to catch the audience’s attention well. We are living in a visual world and making the ad to be noticed by the target audience is extremely hard. But this Fonepay app advertisement is well-executed as created with touch of dancing features and musical buzzing embedded with extravaganza of excitements. This commercial is really promoting the message to the minds of customers that FonePay is all set to change the way customers perform transactions digitally in Pakistan.

You can watch this advert here !


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