Signature Skin Care Launches PRGF in Pakistan

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Signature Skin Care an aesthetic clinic has launched Plasma Rich Growth Factor (PRGF) treatment for the very first time in Pakistan. Bringing the latest in world aesthetics from DNA based treatments and stem cell therapy to its patients.

PRGF are the by-products of one’s blood that can accelerate the body’s healing process. In the right setting it provides cosmetic benefits with the stimulation of collagen production. Moreover, PRGF Vitality Lift treatment is similar to the dermal fillers and other injectable treatments, but it offers more optimal results and efficient procedural methods. PRGF is the most advanced autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma system. It is based on the activation of the patient’s own platelets for the stimulation and acceleration of tissue healing and regeneration.

PRGF is applicable in many fields of medicine, where its high level of efficiency in the regeneration of different tissues has been proven: bone, skin, oral mucosa, tendons, ligaments, muscles, cartilage, cornea, covering all medical specialities such as: oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthopaedics and sports medicine, dermatology, ophthalmology, vascular surgery, plastic and cosmetic surgery and even veterinary surgery. But for the first time it is being used in cosmetic surgery and is doing wonders all over the world.

With the use of PRGF, newly generated collagen can last for up to 5 years, while other injectables might only last for 8 months. Vitality Lift utilizes Dermapen administered PRGF, which is actually safer than lasers or peels and provides an accelerated healing process and less risk for infection. Because this treatment is non-surgical, you can achieve excellent results with almost no downtime at all. The benefits of PRGF can also be combined with other surgical procedures including traditional facelifts and/or eyelid surgery.

Signature Skin Care is an aesthetic clinic committed to providing comprehensive, quality bespoke treatments which is run by Dr. M. Tauqir; a well-known Cosmetologist and Laser Surgeon practicing in London, Lahore and Karachi. As a UK graduate doctor & a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine with a special interest in Dermatology, Dr. Ahmad has successfully treated a number of conditions through bespoke treatments unmatched locally, with expertise in specializing in the darker Asian skin tone with new developments that have placed Pakistan on the International Cosmetic Arena.

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