Shamim Rajani ; Traveling the Journey of Web Programming to Entrepreneurship

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Another story we are covering here of the brilliant minded Shamim Rajani who went through different stages of life and succeeded with them greatly. While talking to DigitalDips, she describes her story as:

Born in Karachi, I moved to Bahrain while I was still young enough to run after ice cream trucks when my father was relocated as part of his job. Itching for Pakistan, I returned at 17 to marry and to carve a career for myself in the terrifying and exhilarating maze of Karachi.

With support from my newfound husband I decided to try a 2-year diploma course in CS at NCR. New to programming, I was surprised at how easily it came to me and in hardly any time I started a Computer Training and Consultancy company with my father called ConsulNet Corporation. Here I trained individuals, and later, teachers in Programming, Web Development and Graphics, with Web Development revealing itself to be my favorite.

Then in 2004 I received an email query wondering if I could build a website? I had never thought to do something like that, but it seemed like fun and I took it on. The customer loved my work and I made a $100! That day turned me from academic to entrepreneur, and Genetech Solutions was born!! Luckily, I had everything I needed to get going- qualified trainers, computer equipment and a place to sit, all for free.

The first couple of years we tried to break-even, pace ourselves and build our brand. Slowly we learned new customer acquisition techniques, and soon after a majority of our project started coming from returning customers and referrals. A testament to the quality of our work! 13 years mature to the market we have been constantly improving, with an influx new talent and skill sets that keep it relevant to the latest market trends.

As the COO, I have never stopped adding to my technical portfolio, keeping up with my team’s collective knowledge pool for the past thirteen years by attending seminars and workshops on recent tools and technologies, enrolling in project management crash courses, following industry experts and completing online courses and certifications as needed. As you may have deduced, I don’t believe in stagnation.

This was the story of Shamim who believes to never stop dreaming and working hard. If you want us to cover your success story , contact with us!

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