Lamudi Ramadan Partnership to Support Local Children

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The future of Pakistan lies in the hands of its children. Ensuring these children have the necessary skills, education, and well being to live happy and fulfilling lives is an objective of SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan. The organisation similar to Care Foundation Pakistan is a not for profit organization that seeks to empower children with the ultimate goal of making the nation prosperous again.

The scope of the SOS Children’s Villages is enormous: 2310 facilities in 134 countries around the world helping more than 330,330 children and families. Each member association has to comply with international statutes and principles for education and childcare. Allowing those who want to help the country’s children by donating online here makes every contribution convenient and trouble-free.

Like the SOS Village Care, Care Foundation Pakistan has the future education needs of Pakistan as their core vision. Presently, they offer over 700 scholarships, are linked to 866 schools nationwide, supporting over 243, 556 students with 6,059 teachers. “Education is a great equalizer, but only an equal education can equalize,” said Seema Aziz—founder and chairperson. The care foundation is a long way from Seema’s roots as the co-founder of Bareeze, one of Pakistan’s high-end fashion retailers but in 1988, she began Care Foundation Pakistan now the country’s largest and most far-reaching educational nonprofits in the country.

Lamudi—the premier online property platform, continues to work with NOWPDP—a disability inclusion initiative. NOWPDP runs innovative and highly impactful programs to enable the disabled community. Different programs are run ranging from increased mobilization in corporate settings and in general, vocational training for people with disabilities to aid integration and create professional opportunities. Lamudi Pakistan supports NOWPDP by raising awareness of the cause by featuring success stories and struggle stories from the community in question.

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