Telenor Pakistan #ShareYourMeal Campaign

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Ramadan is one of the most important months in Pakistan and is celebrated and observed fervently by the Pakistanis. Meals at Sehr and Iftar are an important social factor during this month in that they bring together a lot of people. While some people have the luxury of having scrumptious meals during Ramadan, unfortunately there is a majority of people living in Pakistan who cannot afford to have even basic meals.

Telenor started a major CSR campaign 3 years ago by the name of #TweetAMeal through which people were asked to tweet pictures of the meals they have in Ramadan and against the number of tweets that came in Telenor Pakistan donated a sum of amount to the people of hunger struck areas. Last year, Telenor in collaboration with Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal, distributed food supplies worth Rs. 2.5 million to one of the most impoverished area of Pakistan, Thar.


Keeping alive the spirit of Ramadan and the objective of giving back to the society, Telenor Pakistan has started a CSR Campaign for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The aim is to make this campaign bigger than the last years so that it can provide food supplies to an even greater number of people. This year Telenor is partnering with Pakistan Red Crescent Society to conduct distribution drive in another deserving part of the nation.

How to Share

The mechanics of #ShareYourMeal are very simple. People are just required to take pictures of their Sehri or Iftaar meals and post it on either Twitter or Instagram with #ShareYourMeal or they can post their pictures on Telenor’s Pakistan timeline with the same hashtag. In return of each picture that is shared Telenor Pakistan will add a specific amount to the donation pool that will be distributed by the end of Ramadan amongst the needy. Hence, more pictures that Telenor receives, more the donation amount that will get distributed.

Media Support

Telenor Pakistan hopes that media will play an important part in spreading the word for the whole nation to rally behind a great cause and contribute with their pictures so that it can reach out to a bigger proportion of the population and provide the deserving with food supplies keeping in mind the giving spirit of Ramadan.

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