Social Media Post Ideas for Hotels Online Marketing

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Promoting your hotels on internet through social media channels can be difficult at times, the most common problem being creating content which is relevant and engages your current and future guests.

You may get stuck that what should be your next post for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even LinkedIn.

In this article you will find some hotel marketing content ideas for your social media channels.

The List of “Top 10”
The easiest and quickest way to create content (social media post) is to create a ‘top 10’ list. Interestingly you can further break up by creating a series of top 10 posts by publishing 1 at a time going in descending order starting from 10, 9, 8, heading to 1.

This type of content is easily digestible for the readers too. Embedding relevant images can certainly increase the number of engagements.

Fun Facts and Stories about Your Destination
No matter you own Regent plaza Karachi hotel or a small guest house in northern areas, there will always be some interesting stories of your city and area. There will be some interesting facts hidden from travelers and guests. Share those on your social media platforms.

You can find these interesting facts online and from elders in your social network.

Share Your Client or Guest Stories
This is one of the most fascinating and engaging piece of content you can ever have. Personal experiences (or word of mouth) are highly impactful and can generate quality leads. Your guests can share their experience, opinion on your hospitality, or any funny story about their stay. Take permission from them to share the story with your followers on Facebook (and even on your blog). Undoubtedly it is a great storytelling method.

Travel Tips Specifically for Your Destination
Every destination is different from the other. Northern areas of Pakistan are different from flat remote city like Karachi or Lahore. Lahore is different in its own way. There are always certain ways or we should say tips and tricks for every new destination. Share these tips with your followers so that when they visit your city, they are aware of your social media profiles and gaining benefit.

Certainly you will be there first choice when booking a hotel.

These are some of the quick and easy ways to get ideas and create engaging content for your social media channels.

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