SAP HANA Express Edition is Targeting Smaller Businesses

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SAP has been thinking over this for a while now-data company becoming a software application company. The company has now reached out to developer-programmer audience with its wares credibility.

There are some sources that are actually claiming now that SAP was never a database company on the very first place. SAP ERP system has been augmented by layers of cloud, mobile, and data analytics.

SAP HANA Express Edition is the most recent release of SAP. This latest version is more streamlined system then in-memory computing platform for app developers for creating data driven apps.

What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is the in-memory computing platform, is deployable in the cloud, and allows acceleration of business processes for delivering more intelligence and simplifying IT environment. SAP HANA is capable of removing all the burden of maintaining separate legacy systems and data, thus better business decisions are made in this digital era.

What Does “Express” Mean in SAP HANA Express Edition?

Major companies continue the trends set by others, such as IBM IBM +0.37%, Microsoft MSFT+0.02%, where Express is means a free product. Express in this scenario means that SAP is promising software developers a ubiquitous access for SAP HANA platform for creating applications free of charge for desktop or in cloud.

What are the Key Capabilities of SAP HANA?

  • SAP HANA accelerates the analytical and transactional processing for delivering real time insights and reducing operation and hardware cost, against fresh data.
  • SAP HANA offers application services for more agile developments of latest applications. The overall architecture of applications is simplified and the performance is made better.
  • SAP HANA delivers unprecedented insight against a large volume of data, by staying on a single platform while performing predictive, graph, text, series, and streaming processing.
  • SAP HANA allows data analysis from any given data source and supports rapid access. It possesses great capabilities of data integration.
  • With SAP HANA you can ensure continuous operations by delivering scalability, disaster recovery, enterprise grade high availability, and security capabilities.

Objective behind SAP HANA Express Edition

The main goal with HANA, as discussed by vice president of SAP HANA platform marketing, is to target different audience. The audience targeted includes corporate developers, they can use SAP HANA Express edition for building out proof of concept and testing validity and can also go into production.

SAP believes that the latest version of this platform will help organizations find ways of ramping up developers. This version will eliminate all commercial and technical roadblocks and will enable developers to download HANA express edition. They will be able to install the platform on desktops, commodity servers, or laptops.

SAP HANA Express edition came into existence after developers worked for months in search of an idea that could accelerate their productive working of HANA on laptops. This also was important for cutting back on the memory consumed while starting up on the platform. SAP HANA express editions license for now is limited to 32 GB of memory.

From HANA Express to Where?

SAP will have another option by the end of this year for those looking for even advanced solution. For now SAP has HANA, edge edition, and advanced version for all smaller to mid size businesses. For your business queries where you’re unable to find a solution for yourself, head to Abacus Consulting-where explicit business strategies will be established for your business.


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