Djuice Takes Digital Inclusion in Pakistan to the Next Level

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Pakistan’s first telecom youth centric brand, djuice is re-energizing its band proposition with the thematic launch with the slogan Toudjuice par aakar, internet on kar!

Helping Telenor Pakistan achieve its goals of ‘digital inclusion’ of the masses and ‘internet for all’, Pakistan’s leading youth mobile brand djuice has now become a key player in mobile broadband services designed around the needs of the country’s dynamic youth. As opposed to enforcing limitations and caps on day to day usage, djuice has been putting all its efforts into meeting the needs of its customers by helping them break free from all restrictions.


In today’s digital world where mobile is at the heart of all the big changes that we see around us,mobile internet continues to offer unprecedented opportunities for economic growth in both developed and developing markets. While mobile services have become an essential part of how economies work and function, the enhancement of mobile communication is also shaping social development. Like all societies, Pakistani society is also based on communication and any social aspect is, therefore, affected by the general availability of this specific communication tool.

Given how important staying online has become for the youth, djuice aims to create seamless connectivity where they can always stay online. This will help the youth to stay up to date and never miss out on anything ever again. To achieve its ambitions, djuice has created the most tension free mobile internet experience in Pakistan. The youth of Pakistan will now have more mobile internet than they can handle, with no restrictions from any time windows.

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