A Magnified Look into CAREEM’s Fiddly Play

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It is more than embarrassing to be writing about the recent, unjustified move by CAREEM, that too right after a few days of my last article in which I praised the role of CAREEM that had been playing to improve the transportation sector of Pakistan and the way it had been effective in providing an economical and convenient way of conveyance to the common people.

It was 2 days back, when CAREEM revised their transit rates, with a lucrative yet a misleading tag line, “Now pay LESS per km!”. Such a move by an exponentially booming organization was totally uncalled for. This recent revision of rates by CAREEM is a deceptive move, especially for the people who are naive when it comes to the fare division of CAREEM. According to the new fare division, the per-km charges on an economy ride are down by a rupee, whereas the per-km rates of a business ride have been lowered by two rupees. It all seemed a fairy tale up till the point, the change in the base fares were revealed. The base fare for an economy ride has been increased by a handsome amount of 30 rupees per ride, whereas the escalation in basic fare of business rides is a minute one, that of a 10 Rs.

So, how does it affect the final fare? The answer is pretty simple. For an every 5km long economy ride, the final fare would be increased by a total of 25 Rs. How so? It is simple too, for every ride the extra charge would be of 30 Rs, whereas for every ridden kilometer, a single rupee will be charged less than before. So, a 5km ride which amounted nearly to an amount of 200 Rs before would now cost somewhere around 225 Rs. Few might say that an increment of 25 Rs isn’t mighty enough to whine about and this might sound a legit argument too. Well, to all of them, it is not the increment alone, but the deception with which it has been introduced and the way it is misleading for the commoners. CAREEM had raised the expectations itself, by providing quality services and after that, such a move is distressing.

New Fare Division is as Follows:

Rate per km: PKR 23
Base Fare: PKR 160 (NOW) | PKR 320 (LATER)
Waiting charges/Hour: PKR 370
Minimum Fare: PKR 250 (NOW) | PKR 500 (LATER)

Rate per km: PKR 17
Base Fare: PKR 130 (NOW) | PKR 260 (LATER)
Waiting charges/Hour: PKR 330
Minimum Fare: PKR 200 (NOW) | PKR 400 (LATER)

So what do you think about this latest change in CAREEM’s rate card? Let us know about your thoughts in comments below!

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