NA Speaker-Ayyaz Sadiq Chairs High-Profiled “APBF Summit 2015” In Islamabad

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The All Pakistan Business Forum (APBF) recently concluded “The Summit-2015” in Islamabad, which turned out to be a resounding success, attracting an overwhelming response and enthusiastic participation from a large number of dignitaries, entrepreneurs, economic experts, ambassadors, government officials, media, Chambers and other stakeholders. The insightful event was graced by the Honorable Speaker of National Assembly – Mr. Ayyaz Sadiq as the Chief Guest.

Mr. Ayyaz Sadiq, Speaker national Assembly shared his thoughts and said “Pakistan has all the potential to grow. We are planning for foreign delegates to come and spend a week in Pakistan and know Pakistan from a new perspective, not the one which is projected on the media or what people hear.” He said “I have to justify and remember the oath which I took without keeping my personal or party interests. My oath to this seat is most important. This is what determines the future of the nations how much we remember our oath and how much we follow. He said that Pakistan is facing war on terror for quite long but we have to be united and we will win it. We have to move forward and take initiative.

Mr. Haroon Khuwaja, chair of All Pakistan Business Forum said “APBF is an initiative of the Pakpur Foundation. The Pakpur Foundation is involved in implementing out of the box solutions in the country”. He said “Pakistan preserves in it some humanity’s most ancient civilizations. It currently has around 123 districts, and each one of these districts has a distinct history and culture. Imagine if professional and competent business people from each of Pakistan’s districts come together on one platform. Imagine is this platform, in turn, is linked to chambers / associations and trade bodies of different countries, thereby generating International travel and trade through B2B opportunities (rather than G2G).”

He shared the painful fact “Pakistan slipped to 128 out of 189 countries in the index of “Ease of doing business”. So… compared to other counties in the world, a business person in Pakistan is at an extreme disadvantage to operate. He said “APBF requests the government to put a halt to borrowing from commercial banks, so that credit is available for private sector to expand. We offer our technical expertise to apprise the honorable members of the parliament on the intricacies of the budget document”. He highlighted the fact “Growth in agriculture is dependent upon flood warnings for Aug/ Sep. But nothing is being done to prevent floods which are becoming a yearly event now. More reservoirs and dams are needed to improve storage capacity. But this is not a priority since it takes several years (hence, not politically expedient).He said “APBF strongly recommends that the distribution, transmission  and generation wings of energy sector are deregulated, while carefully revamping the regularity framework (NEPRA) already in place”. He requested the government and said “And I request the government to make use of this talent of successful entrepreneurs in APBF, to enhance its dwindling capacity”.

The President of APBF – Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi is an accomplished entrepreneur, expressed his gratitude to the large number speakers and delegates, for enriching the Summit by sharing their wisdom and knowledge. The APBF boasts an impressive profile with strong patronage of Multinational organizations, leading Pakistani enterprises and diverse representation from more than 2000 members and business community leaders.

Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi said “our mission is to  inspiring business leaders to help build a prosperous Pakistan ”He  believes it’s a big milestone  that APBF ‘s collaboration with Microsoft in promoting employment opportunities and enterprise development for young people in Pakistan, through setting up a Employability Platform offering desired skills and linkages with the Private sector”. ALL Pakistan Business Forum is now strategic partner with Telenor for the support of new financial markets development, ease of business transactions with reach and access to the rural area of Pakistan. GSM voice, data, devices, M2M solutions, Business supporting local communities.  Ibrahim Qureshi expressed that collaboration with the Diplomatic Core, Embassies, Missions, and Donors agencies towards building a better Pakistan by facilitating will give better opportunities for trade links between Pakistan and the international Community, Cultural exchanges, Closer understanding between the international Community and Pakistan, B2B meeting for sector specific match making business delegation visits, Interaction between development initiatives and the stakeholders, where needed; Increased educational ties and support on social development areas for a better Pakistan and most importantly development of Women Entrepreneurs.

Mr. Rodolfo J. Martin Saravia, Ambassador of Argentina also addresses the audience and he shared extremely positive views about Pakistan. He said “ being a diplomat is not just taking care of international relations but in today’s time it is a big responsibility. Diplomacy also includes making bridges between countries for strong healthy business bonds and projects for mutual benefits. Pakistan is one of the friendliest country. People of Pakistan are very kind and their culture is extremely warm welcoming.

Mr. Michael Patrick Foley, CEO, Telenor Pakistan addressed the audience and encourage this initiative. Telenor also signed an MoU with APBF. Mr. Nadeem Malik, General manager Microsoft also signed an MoU with APBF and encouraged other companies to invest in Pakistan as it’s a corporate social responsibility as well as this will be beneficial for the companies in long term perspective also. The Summit 2015 was a big success.

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