The realme 8 Series has a Battery That Gets Powered Faster with the 50W SuperDart Charge

50W SuperDart Charge
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With multiple advancements in technology, lives have become quite fast-paced. These prompt lives need tasks to be done speedily. As smartphones are the most used devices, their slow charging can sometimes create a hindrance to your daily performance. All set to go to work and your phone is dead? The whole day’s mood gets ruined. Mobile charging can be a major issue for many be it students with their online classes, or your business meeting, or your long-awaited video call with loved ones.

Smartphones have evolved a lot in these past few years. Be it the designs, battery timing, storage, camera, or charging, many companies have tried to bring solutions for all. Charging has come up as one of the major issues, but realme introduced superfast charging technology in its latest devices for a convenient user experience. The realme 8 series comes with two amazing devices realme 8 and realme 8 Pro. Among them, the realme 8 Pro features the 50W SuperDart Charge while the realme 8 comes with a 30W Dart Charge capability.

The 50W SuperDart charge of realme 8 Pro helps charge your phone to 100% in just 47 minutes. This means it gets 50% in only 17 minutes. It utilizes high-voltage charge pump technology and realizes 97% charging power efficiency and supports 5 Dimension Charge Protection. The combination of 50W SuperDart Charge with the 4,500 mAh Massive Battery makes realme 8 Pro a powerful phone.

On the other hand, realme 8 comes with an upgraded 30W Dart Charge. This charges the 5,000 mAh battery to 100% in 65 minutes and up to 50% in only 26 minutes. The charging algorithm developed for the realme 8 includes five layers of security protection which provide hardware-level security protection for the entire charging process. realme 8 also supports a 15W PD charge, making it even more versatile.

All in all, both phones support superfast charging in their capacity. The 50W realme 8 Pro is accompanied by a 108MP Ultra Quad Camera, 4,500 mAh Battery, and 8GB + 128GB massive storage. The 30W realme 8 also supports a 64MP Quad Camera, 5,000 mAh Battery, and MediaTek Helio G95 Gaming Processor. realme has brought a firm lineup with these amazing features which have taken the market by storm. Both devices made great pre-order records and are now available for sale in the market. So hurry up and get your superfast charging devices leaving all the last-minute hassles in the past!

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