; An Online Shopping Search Engine

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Undoubtedly, it is a technological era where we are having bunch of updates every other day. Either it is an aspect of machine learning or bit coins, any gadget or social media feature, every prospect is getting polished simultaneously.

Such is a case with Pakistani startups and emerging endeavors that are aimed at facilitating people to great extent. Recently, we came across the that is creating ease in the online shopping aspect of Pakistan while promoting it to bits. But how is it doing, let us see under this post.

About is appeared as the Pakistan’s biggest products search engine intended to provide the most updated prices from almost all major online shopping websites in one place with just a click. However, the search bar at the respective website automatically filters out the “out of stock”, “coming soon”, and “discontinued’ products, so the end user would always get the availability status and actual price in time.

How this store works? uses different data collection and mining techniques to save the data in meaningful form in which the search engine explores same techniques which are used by all major search engines. The system is completely automated, and requires little to no maintenance. However, this store is holding cloud environment while using clusters of computers to keep the data updated. Further, the infrastructure is capable of handling millions of records, and can be scaled up easily.

  • User just has to browse the
  • Enter the product desired (either any of the category or brand) in search bar.
  • You can also drag the scale for particular price (for the product) you want.
  • After entering the product category, a list of products available at all online shopping stores will be displayed.
  • User can choose the product that will further be directed to the online portal of the chosen product.

Exploration of the machine learning

It is apparent that retrieving the best possible result is not easy, so the store is developed via machine learning algorithms to make it efficient. The first hurdle faced was of spellings corrections as it could not be relied on dictionary only because dictionaries don’t have words like Xiaomi, Meizu, etc. So it is developed with a classification and optimization algorithms to provide the finest result.

Though, these algorithms are in beta/testing stage, but the results are promising. This is one of the few projects in Pakistan which uses artificial intelligence.

Charges of this store

No charges incurred for this service and both vendors and buyers can use it for free always.

Current Stats:

At present, this platform is carrying 650000+ products in the database.

It has been just 3 Months since this platform is working and having the above stats.

Promoting online shopping in Pakistan

As stated, this store facilitates users to search any of the desired products by any online shopping portal in just milli seconds. This eventually makes the users end up on vendor/shopping websites and make an order with increased traffic stats.

However, there is no biasness prevailed in products search ranking as the products are ordered in relevance order and every product has equal opportunity with no manipulation of the search ranking or biasness towards any online shop.

Add your online shopping website

One simply can add his own website by dropping an email at or fill Contact Form. Afterwards, it will be processed by the store.

So, this is the online shopping search engine which is making it convenient for all users to check all the items from all online shopping stores at one place. Regardless to browse every single website to check prices and availability, this is a great platform to hook up with when you are an online shopping enthusiast.

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