Get the Most Out of Facebook Today: Your Guide to Marketing Hotels

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Facebook very evidently has had many claims to its name, most of them they don’t even have to boast about since they are doing so good at digital media strategies for various brands that want to get featured on their website.

The realization of having so many benefits is not unheard of, Facebook realized it too soon and too often has had many strategies that they have executed in order to make the platform more proficient for its users as well as businesses.

Marketing your business is as easy as child’s play! You just have to know the basics first, research can be done very conveniently online, awareness is underrated and acknowledgement is key!

Page summaries, statistics with details and graphical representations for the user’s convenience have also been presented. You can easily monitor the activity of your page’s fans, what posts work for your business? Does it entice the customers? Does it pursue them enough to make a particular purchase? Do you only get organic visitors? How can you better build effective strategies for better optimization of your content?

Moving onto Facebook Algorithms; there is a lot of monitoring of customers online activities regarding what pages they are frequently visiting, they’re likes and dislikes, what their friends are up to and their preferences, groups they follow and what are they responding to. These metrics suggest other pages and preferences that they may like in the future or opt for. So, Facebook makes it easier to. Furthermore, they focus on predicting the things that you may be interest, hence the countless number of friend suggestions, page and product ads on an individual’s home page.

Hotels can feature ads on these social networking websites and gain a lot of insights regarding their potential and target audience’s preferences through a detailed information on the individuals online activity.

Focus on providing both visual and written content, many hotels booking websites like Jovago have been catering towards providing their customers with interactive media as well to keep them engaged.

Provide incentives to your audience for visiting your page, market your hotels in the best way possible. Quizes, GIFs, online contests are a great way to do this. An important tip is to incorporate all related social networking sites of one particular brand such as PC Hotels that have their chain of hotels in different cities of Pakistan market them through their Facebook pages that also advertise their Instagram and twitter pages.

Precise and creative infographics posted on pages also help in promoting easy interface of websites that offer bookings of the perfect hotel rooms online. Customers can be persuaded to new and amazing offers leading to Hotels figuring out what their customers really want from their service and how it can be improved.

Providing relevant information and initiating ways to attain relevant feedback from customers can be done through these social networking websites. Have the best brandable profile picture, clear cut captions and descriptions. Not to underestimate the profile page where the information regarding website is present, use it to your advantage.

Post stuff relevant to your brand. Ideally for hotels you can feature complimentary services or products related to the hospitality sector.

Newsfeed may be personalized depending on the likes and dislikes of each user, however the content that goes over websites like Facebook must standout to get customers intrigued and come back for more!

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