8th Junior Leaders Conference Begins in Karachi

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The 8th edition of the Junior Leaders Conference (JLC) kicked off today at the Movenpick Hotel Karachi, with energy and excitement dominating the proceedings. Supported by English Biscuit Manufacturers, GLUCO Ki JLC brings together 200 youngsters between the ages of 10 to 15. The conference focuses on developing leadership potential through a unique blend of experiential learning, interactive sessions, lateral thinking, attitudinal training, simulations and group-based activities.

As participants embarked on the three-day journey themed ‘I AM ALIVE’, the first day was filled with networking exercises and fun-filled activities, to enhance their capabilities and allow them to overcome  hurdles, understand situations, and carve out their own paths in life with a passion to achieve what they want. Equipped with their GLUCO Ki JLC kits which included conference T-shirts, bags and diaries, participants were divided into teams with one ‘Enabler’ assigned to each team.

The Inauguration Ceremony was an elegant affair with many prominent personalities making an appearance. The experts and participants remarked on the importance of such events for the grooming of Pakistan’s future generations and congratulated School of Leadership for organizing it. Representatives from EBM also graced the occasion with their presence along with many individuals from the media.

The day was moderated by Uzair Ausaf, lead trainer at Torque and rising trainer, Anusha Somani, who provided the context for participants, set the norms, chalked out expectations and elaborated on the thought-process behind the day’s theme. This was followed by Anmol Zehra, the conference Champion, who discerned about the importance of JLC and how it can impact lives of the participants.

The tea break brought together the sponsors and the participants, which was followed by a networking lunch; each participant interacted with each other and got to know about their wishes and how they can achieve them. Then a keynote session was delivered by Shireen Naqvi- renowned trainer and founder at SoL- who proceeded to debrief the previous activities.

Sania saeed and Fakhre-e-Alam took forward the conference. They did not just address but also inspired the participants by talking about their experiences and how did they intelligently overcome the stumbling-blocks in the path of success.

After this, four different break-out sessions were set up, addressing a number of themes designed with the aim to help the participants identify their strengths, and allowing them to engage in stimulating dialogue.

Before the day ended, the participants were taken for an outdoor activity to help awaken a sense of empathy and responsibility towards their communities, and towards society at large. The conference will continue till July 17, 2016.

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