P9 Revolutionizes the Camera & Photography with Dual Lenses

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Huawei is known for its efficient research and development approach in the world of technology. It has achieved some incredible milestone with an attitude of revolutionizing the technology utilized in daily. A smart phones section of Huawei is an example of this commitment and with every passing year, Huawei is transgressing the boundaries of conventional and repetitive techniques. 

In the last year, Huawei has earned admiration and hot response from the consumer market, especially for the flagship device Huawei Mate S. Mate S was incorporated with outstanding features and specs. Subsequently Mate 8 became the style symbol and irresistible smart device, loved by the consumer market of Pakistan, particularly. 

Following the incredible accolade won by Mate S and then  for Huawei Mate 8, Huawei is bringing its new flagship smart phone in the market. P9 is expected to hearts similarly to the previous Mate. P9 has built with at most care and taking a consumer centric approach in focus, Huawei is known for.  Especially, the dual Camera of P9 is certainly going to rule in the market. Huawei has been fitted with best camera features and incorporated with additional applications to make photography a real fun!

Dual camera of P9 and the front camera are highly focused for a professional touch in photography and enhanced experience of capturing the best moments for the users of P9. Front Camera gives you best selfies with its 8 MP resolution for clearer and brighter pictures with quality pixel results. However the rear camera is just a boon for the photographer. It sheds the barriers in photography and makes the user free from carrying additional stuff in the form of Camera with them. Instead Huawei has provided its consumers with a revolutionized photography experience with 13MP rear dual camera in P9. All one need for the best snapping is P9 no matter what the occasion is or for which purpose one clicks the moment.

Huawei has also provided P9 Cameras with Phase detection autofocus for focused pictures and it really comforts the user even if he is not familiar with good photography. Huawei has increased the area of the main camera to bring a new touch in Camera specs. Enhanced area provides the larger size of the image, of course, but another benefit of large areas is that it brightens the image.  Such an innovative and classical touch by Huawei to the detail features, in this case for the camera, is really heart taking and it proves the consumer centric approach of Huawei.

P9 is highly expected to rule the photography world clearly sweeping aside the conventional cameras. P9 is now in the market for the anxiously waiting customers. Huawei has been building an enormous consumer pool in Pakistan and it is well known for its high technology products and out of the box approach. 

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