Real Estate Expo Secures Millions Of Dollars Of Investment

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Pakistan’s best property portal participated in the three-day Property and Real Estate Expo (PREEX) held at Expo Center Lahore from March 27-29, which attracted millions of dollars of investment from both local and overseas investors.


The successful event attracted about 20,000 people over the three days, including local and foreign investors, entrepreneurs, and media. Exhibitors sealed deals worth millions of dollars. For instance, Lahore Development Authority’s project LDA City was able to sell 53 plots during the event, with more than 350 deals in the pipeline.

Similarly, 14 commercial and 38 residential plots of the New Lahore City project were sold, with around 300 leads in process. The Green Valley housing society in Islamabad, several projects in Gwadar, Royal Orchard in Multan and Pace Circle in Lahore all secured a significant volume of sales at the event.

The core exhibitors at the expo were regional development authorities, as well as developers of housing schemes, residential apartments, commercial projects, industrial units and farm houses. In addition, national and international real estate agents, financial institutions and other relevant stakeholders were also present.

The significant boost in investment received by these exhibitors will help the government collect taxes from the real estate sector and create employment opportunities in the property sector.

Saad Arshed, Country Director of, said: “Pakistan’s real estate sector is the backbone of our economy, contributing two percent to our overall GDP and linking other sectors such as construction, ceramics, paints, steel and even furniture.

By conducting such property expos, we help all builders, developers, real estate professionals and other industry experts to come together under one roof and channel further investment in this multi-million dollar industry of Pakistan.”’s stall was a major hit at the expo, with the crowd eager to learn more about the online property trading system, and a large number of builders and developers looking to sign up to list their properties on the online real estate portal.

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