Google Business Group Women 3rd Workshop Held with Bunch of Excitement and Zeal

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Overwhelmingly, Google has pulling out all efforts to keep up the hand-hand relation with emerging entrepreneurs especially with clout of women. In this niche, just in duration of a year, Google has organized different knowledge and experience-getting sessions named as Google Business Group Women workshops that were such a tremendous effort count.

Since, in continuation of such strenuous strives, Google Business Group Women’s 3rd workshop was held with collaboration of Pakistan’s emerging PASHA’S Tech incubator, The Nest i/o on March 7th.


Google Business Group(GBG) Women’s workshop was a full day event aimed to interact with entrepreneurs, developers, designers and business women who got their heads within technology ,and are interested in learning and improving their skills in entrepreneurship and want to know what the web can put forward to their businesses.

Within the session, there were four speakers invited to share the knowledge from their entrepreneurial flight and how Google and other online tools have figured out their chunks to make their businesses grow.

These speakers included;

  • Owner of – Ms. Naushaba Brohi
  • Financial payment method guru – Faisal Khan
  • Owner of East End and Ego- Mr.Adil Moosajee
  • Founder of StyeDNA that focuses on unique style statements- Nadda Salim Adamjee

The GBG Women Team lead, Salam Navaid Jafri first introduced herself to women audience and describe an outreach community programs organized by Google followed by inviting President of Pakistan All Software House Association and founder of Karachi’s first ever incubator, Jehan Ara to confer her words to audience.

Thoroughly, Jehan Ara has been found as an inspiring and adoring personality while telling about her whole team’s efforts in order to establish the whole new incubator for entrepreneurs with co-supporters of Samsung and Google for Entrepreneurs. Thus as a result of all incredible working for long, The Nest i/o got kicked off with 13 diverse startups within incubation cycle of four months.

So, while after this brief intro, Naushaba Brohi comes up to speak out all about her entrepreneurial journey. She highlights her career work and initialization of within rural area and then it’s spread up in other cities with so much fervor contributing by social media.

Amazingly, we got the opportunity to listen a cool mentor and speaker, Mr. Adil MoosaJee who is also an owner of The East End and Ego brand. As an expert he described all niches of how digital media works with respect to case study of his own businesses. Including of Facebook, he highlights the trends and passion that people want to follow while choosing a brand. He urges women to get interact with each other and grow social networks that can create a meticulous word of mouth for businesses leading to organic growth for long term.

It was great to hear about different techniques to boost businesses through online media. Apart from this digital expertise, Adil Moosa jee also possessed a crown of a designer to set the cool and awesome interiors for The Nest i/o Incubator with different relaxing spots.

Third speaker Nadda Salim highlighted about her victorious online presence overall as Facebook has marker her page as highest growing page in 2008. Further, she illustrated all other Social Media Marketing tools including tweepi, buffer, IFTTT, tweetdeck, social flow, pagemodo, sprout social and others.

In between these speakers’ session, Salma Jafri proudly launched her video blog for content marketing tips. After demonstration of video, she asked about the feedback and undoubtedly it was up to the mark receiving a great applaud. All women entrepreneurs appreciated it well and eager to have regular video blogs posted by her.

Last but not the least, as pioneer of financial payment method system, Faisal Khan came up to speak to audience. He encouraged entrepreneurs to see first the identity of who you are and then approach up with tools that can bring your business up. He significantly highlighted his work on Quora that requires a lot of effort but obviously passion doesn’t make him down to work even harder. No doubt, audience has taken an active part to know more about his work procedures at Quora platform. Moreover, different bundles off tool was purposed by him to help and train businesses, startups and entrepreneurs in order to grow their work online and transform the community around them.

It is worth to mention that every speaker was bombarded with as many questions that were not enough for assigned time.

So how, we cannot forget about the lunch and networking arranged in between speakers’ session. As a host, The Nest i/o has cheered it’s audience with yummicious pizza party with bunch of snacks and tea along with much networking time assigned while walking around to this cool place.

In a nutshell, this workshop was truly catered to learn tips and techniques from expert marketing gurus and enjoy the networking with fellow entrepreneurs.

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