Experience Master Roll with the OPPO N3

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Remember the possibilities offered by the rotating camera of OPPO N1? Well, the game has been taken to next level with its successor ─ OPPO N3. It’s motorized camera, simplistic single handed control, effortless auto panorama mode and the exciting auto-tracking, these features are just chipping the surface.


To make it the sweetest deal, N3 is packed with a 16MP Schneider-Kreuznach certified lens offering a maximum resolution of 64MP; a pixel size of 1.34 micron and integration of 5 optical lenses, a configuration that exceeds the standard of current flagship Android devices; an optimum balance between high resolution and the photo sensitive area; the dual LED flash that provides more natural lighting for images.

The PI 2.0+ image platform enables the N3 to handle a multitude of different photography settings. OPPO has analyzed thousands of common photography settings to construct a matching library which features more than a hundred unique functions. When you activate the camera, the PI engine will start by performing a smart analysis of the environment and will identify its unique characteristics; the engine will then provide the most appropriate color optimization solution. With an improved optimization algorithm, the PI 2.0+ is able to complete this complicated matching process in an instant.

Without any tedious post-editing, the OPPO N3 enables you to appear in multiple locations in the same picture easily. The camera will rotate automatically while using the auto panorama mode. Before using the feature, choose 3 to 4 segments within the 206° view of the N3’s camera. After the camera has finished scanning the first segment, you can move out of the focus area and into the next segment before the camera takes the remaining shots in sequential order.

OPPO N3 is equipped with a multi-frame synthesis super-sampling technique that can combine multiple low resolution RAW images into an ultra-high resolution picture with greater details. Compared to conventional interpolation method, Ultra-HD generates outstanding, high quality pictures that closely resemble those taken with traditional high resolution sensor components. The OPPO N3 is able to bump up the image resolution to an astounding 64MP. The N3 also provides a 32MP mode to cater to different user needs.

Understanding that professional cameras were not for everyone, OPPO has released a professional camera plugin with features such as white balance, ISO, exposure compensation and manual focus, matching closely that of a real compact camera system. The OPPO N3, a “Compact Camera Smartphone” with professional photography capabilities, allows you to unleash your imagination and take the most creative photos you’ve ever taken!

With its motorized camera and PI 2.0+ imaging platform, the OPPO N3 is the perfect device for photography enthusiasts.This device is now available all across Pakistan with one year local warranty for a price of Rs. 69,900. Users will get the O-click remote control free of cost with the purchase of N3. So don’t wait, join in the fun now and discover the joy of taking pictures with OPPO N3.

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