Huawei Y6 II Endorsed Most in the Sales

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The Huawei consumer pool in Pakistan endorsed the Huawei Y6 II excitingly and the products have been successfully recorded the new milestones of sales across the Pakistan. Huawei Y series has been the best mid range smart phones designed with superior touch of high technological innovations and esthetic taste.

Huawei Y6 II endorsed by the large consumer market of Pakistan due to its perfect and glamorous designs and the best features of the camera. It has been rumored that the sales records for Huawei Y 6 II, even, undermined the expectations of Huawei itself. It is pertinent to note that Huawei has introduced the amazing and handy smart device –Huawei Y6 II recently, at the time when it had already saturated the market with the most superior quality flagship smart phone, Huawei P9. Huawei further expecting remarkable growth in the current year and also Huawei have productively changed its goals into achievements so far.

By fashionable design it is the aesthetic aspect that has been the keen focus of the company design engineer while carving out this wonderful smart phone. Also, the perfectly streamlined and slim bodied Huawei Y6 II is also charged with exciting colors and magnetizing display features, presenting the great chemistry. Huawei Y6 II is a smart phone for the youth, with high quality camera features, crystal clear video display and high speed internet browsing.

Huawei is a compact smart device with a slim body, finely curved from the edges and smoothly lined. Huawei Y6 II only weighs for 168g and the dimensions it has as; 154.3x 77.1x 8.45 mm. This is a perfect design and dimension, making the smart phone handy and adorably attractive.

The display is always a key focus for the consumers in a smart phone whenever they evaluate the features. Similarly, Huawei always puts right emphasis on all Huawei smart phone products and offers the best display both in terms of screen size and quality of colors and pixels. Huawei Y6 II has a 5.5” large display screen with almost 70.1% screen-to-body, making it a phablet (phone Tablet). This is indeed a large screen that will enhance the entertainment for the customers and offer a whole new video watching and gaming experience. Moreover, Huawei Y6 II display screen is an IPS LCD capacitive touch screen that is further protected with a protective scratch resistant sheet. Huawei Y6 II has 720×1280 pixels resolution, 16.7M colors and 267 ppi pixel density. This makes the display of fine quality and superior than any other smart phone display in the market.

This elegant and ultra-modern technology bearing smart phone is available at the comparatively best price of Rs. 18,899. Those who have not yet purchased their Huawei Y6 II must go for either one of these at their earliest. Because these are the best product to purchase in the market!

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