Want To Buy A Used Car? You Need These Top Tips

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Ever heard someone bought a pre-owned car in Lahore “as it was”, and drove off the lot being happy and calm for getting a great deal-but-two weeks later the car broke? It was probably the tires that were in worst condition and needed a change, or the engine that had issue. But isn’t that what we hear quite often?

Lahore is famous for people getting cheated in any or every course of routine life. You might even see shoppers crying foul, demanding for a refund (Which never happens!) or acceptance of false deal-who is obligated for the blame? Not the dealership!

Try and understand this from both sides:

From Dealerships Point of View- Car dealers especially the virtual ones wan a happy ending and let the customer go happy. Anything for them that is less than a happy customer could cost the dealership-most significant commodity of a dealer to survive-dealers reputation. That said, the dealer gets all the paper work done, answers questions you rise (only what you ask), so the dealer is absolutely under no obligations.

From the Eyes of the Beholder- The beauty of a used car is that it can fit the budget of the person aiming to buy the vehicle. A transportation for may be to and from work, a drive that won’t cause wear and tear but would rather save up on local transport payments. A great number of shoppers buy affordable and budget-matching used cars every day, understanding completely that the vehicle might have some visible blemishes or flaws.

Why wouldn’t they? Not every Pakistani on the roads can own a brand new car with the latest model. The concern here is that the shopper has less knowledge then the seller, giving room to asymmetrical information.  This means that the dealer can win the situation and create what so ever story for covering up an accidental fault. An auto buyer of a used car is impulsively in state of mind for buying what you will sell-call it need-call it the only choice.

This auto buying and selling business is mostly shady. Most shoppers tend to buy used cars from referrals and visit the person selling the car directly. The workshops and dealership is now becoming a second choice (only if need be). The safer and sound way of purchasing used cars is online. Websites like pakwheels.com and Motor Trader are top choice for shoppers these days as they give filters for brand, car type, transmission, and many more.

Despite your choice of vehicle purchase place, here are few tips you can follow for a successful retrieve:

  • Test drive the used car before you take the car away– Believe it that it’s happening, people assume the car is in perfect shape (after seeing exterior) and take no time in buying the deal. Remember that, the car you’re buying is not a new car, it’s a used car, it was up to the seller to keep it well maintained and if the shocks were up for snuffing up to absorb the unforgiving consequences of Lahore roads. Inspect it!
  • Ask for the opinion of an independent mechanics review– Yes, it’s always good to take a second opinion. Especially in cases when you don’t know how to take the seal off.
  • Get the facts– Ask for the vehicle history report from the seller. Ask all and every question of your concern.
  • Keep a Good Attitude– In case of dealership, their repute is very important to them so they will try giving a good deal. However, whether it’s a dealership purchase or an independent seller, keep a good attitude and ask things politely. You never know, they might be inclined to work with for fixing the minor issues as a negotiation process.



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