Telenor Companion Watch is Now Available

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Telenor Companion Watch – a communication gadget that enables parents to stay in touch and keep track of their children when they are not with them, is now available for purchase off the shelf. It was showcased for the first time in November 2015 at the Internet of Things (IoT) Expo in Karachi, organized by Telenor Pakistan.


Telenor Companion Watch connects with parents’/admin’s smartphones through an app that displays the accurate and real-time location of the child using GPS. Children can generate SOS call to designated numbers in case of an emergency. SOS calls are diverted automatically to other member’s number if it is rejected / unattended from the first number. The wearable gadget also allows children to send and receive voice messages from the watch, which parents / admin can listen to and record in the application. Another great feature of the watch is geo-fencing through which parents can map safe zones for the child and get alerts as soon as the child goes beyond the fence. Silent voice monitoring feature is also available in the watch.

A parent can monitor as many as five Companion watches at a time and assign them different names in the mobile phone app for easy identification of the child. In case of purchase of more than five watches, guardian/spouse can purchase it on his/her behalf providing the Guardianship Certificate.

Introducing the Telenor Companion, Irfan Wahab Khan, Deputy CEO and CMO, Telenor Pakistan said: “Telenor Pakistan has been at the forefront when it comes to social innovation. Knowing the great wonders technology can do to improve lives in a developing country like Pakistan; we have been supporting and promoting technological innovation since our inception. Telenor Companion watch is just a small example of the big change that technology can bring to life. Being the first mover of IoT (Internet of Things) in Pakistan, we are continuously striving to weave technology into the fabric of everyday life to empower the people of Pakistan.”

The Companion watch is available at Telenor Pakistan’s Sales and Service Centers and on its website. Customers can also place orders at Telenor Pakistan franchises across the country.


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